Mrs. Scherpenisse: Our Kindergarten Teacher

Our outstanding and dedicated teacher, Scherpenisse (think “sure-pen-eez”) , takes great pride in introducing ‘formal education’ to her students in a positive way, using a combination of creative, innovative, and traditional teaching strategies. Mrs. Scherpenisse is new to the Dalhousie Community Kindergarten but brings a wealth of experience in educating young learners. She takes great pride in the efforts and achievements of her students.  More about our teacher here……

You’ll meet the teacher… before school even begins!
Prior to the start of the school year, our teacher visits each student in their home. The visit allows you and your child to meet the teacher individually, get to know her, ask questions and talk about the approaching school year. Mrs. Scherpenisse brings a special craft or activity that she and your child will work on together during her visit. We find this unique home visit practice helps to alleviate any anxieties that children might have about starting school, and gets everyone excited about the journey ahead.