I’m Lindsay Fricker, teacher for Dalhousie Community Kindergarten.

My husband and our (then) two children moved to Calgary in 2012. Since making our home here, we’ve completed our family with a set of twin boys. Professionally, I’ve spent my time immersed in the world of early intervention, preschool and kindergarten. Consequently, educating early learners is my heart. And luckily for me, I discovered early on that I’m a better – everything – when I’m teaching.

I joined the Dalhousie Community Kindergarten family in 2017, immediately drawn in by the program’s dynamic – one that is student-focused, with plenty of opportunity to create partnerships with parents and set students up for a lifelong love of learning.

I recognize that Kindergarten holds a special place for both a child and a parent. As an introduction into formal schooling, I look to convince my students that falling in love with learning is the best idea they’ve ever had.

My priority is – first and foremost – to build a positive relationship with each of them. I’m looking to create an atmosphere that fosters their confidence and gives them the freedom to take risks in their learning.

The fun thing about Kindergarten is having a diverse classroom of learners that enter on all different levels, each with their own unique strengths. My job is less about “teaching”, and more about facilitating those strengths, getting our learners to work together, collaborate and help each other – so that in June they leave on equal footing, ready to face their next step – set up for success.